C-Blocks Link Building Service

Links from Unique IPs + High Domain Authority Website = Increase in Search Engine Ranking

C-Blocks Link Building

What is C-Block Link Building?

Are you wondering why your link building is not getting expected results? The problem could be the kind of backlinks you are getting. Google doesn’t give equal importance to all backlinks coming to your website. The IP address of a backlinked website plays a significant role in the value Google attaches to it. Websites with the same IP address are not favored by Google. This is why getting backlinks from websites with unique IP addresses is important.

At Neyox, we offer C blocks link building service to help you acquire backlinks from websites with unique Class-C IP addresses and high domain authority. This naturally boosts your visibility and rankings on Google and other popular search engines.


Key Benefits of our C-blocks Link Building Service

  • Improved search engines ranking.
  • Completely search engines friendly solution.
  • Brings more leads and traffic to your website.
  • Highly targeted traffic through content marketing.
  • Get quality backlinks from high DA sites.
  • Totally manual link building, no use of automated software.
  • Fully compatible with Google Panda and Penguin updates.
C-Block Link Building Package
Package Name Plan – 1 Plan – 2
No. of Web Properties 5 10
No. Of Keywords 5 10
Backlinks from Unique C-Blocks / Class IP’s
Domain Authority Between 40 to 80 Between 40 to 80
Unique Content 5 x 1000 words 10 x 1000 words
Content Writing
No. of Backlinks 5 10
Organic Link Building Method
Social Sharing 50 100
Duration 20 Days 30 Days
Price $445 $895

A Recent survey confirms the effectiveness of C blocks link building. recently conducted a survey of 120 search engines specialists. It was found that top 15 of 109 ranking factors were related to backlinks. The experts also agreed to the fact that backlinks obtained from C-blocks IPs were the most effective in improving search engines rankings. Top brands use C-blocks link building to boost their search engines rankings. You too can do the same with our help.