Google Plus Marketing

Promote your Brand on the most SEO friendly network.

Google Plus Marketing Service Campaign

What Is Google Plus Marketing?

Google plus marketing is perhaps the best way to give your brand a far-reaching exposure in the most search engines friendly way. Being Google’s own social platform, you get some added perks. It certainly deserves its position in the top 3 most popular social media platforms today.

Once you create an impressive profile and consistently promote your content on it, you will see noticeable growth in your brand’s visibility and popularityin a short time. Growing the network of your followers is the key and needs professional guidance and help. This is exactly what we do at Neyox. .

What makes Google Plus Marketing so crucial for your success in Social Media Marketing?

Why is Google plus such a popular social media site today among the most of the leading brands? Some of the noticeable reasons are listed below:

  • It is Google’s social networking site. Hence,you get easy access to Google’s other popular services like Google Hangout, Google Local, YouTube, etc.
  • It has 350 million active users every day.
  • Around 550 million active users per month.
  • You can upload different types of content such as textual content, images, audios, videos, etc.
  • Works great for both B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Users log in at least once every week, which is higher than most other social platforms.
  • The average time spent by users on the site is 12 minutes.
  • Around 75% brands are already on Google plus and the number is growing by the day.
  • Around 40% smartphone users use Google plus app.

Why should I opt for your Google Plus Marketing Service?

We offer a complete marketing solution for your brand on Google plus. We use innovative strategies to build your brand’s following and reputation. Following are a few steps we will take to boost your brand’s online success.

  • We will set up a new Google plus account for your brand.
  • We will create a striking profile for your business page.
  • Create impressive and meaningful cover image for your page.
  • Create relevant and engaging content to attract visitors.
  • Take steps to build your network of followers.
  • Create blog posts to promote your profile on social bookmarking sites.


What Are The Important Benefits Of Your Google Plus Marketing Service?

  • Being Google’s own network, it is the most Google-friendly platform. No wonder your website traffic gets a considerable boost.
  • Your brand reputation and popularity will soar.
  • You will be able to target audience based on their preferences and keywords.
  • The consistent promotion will increase brand loyalty.
  • Helps improve brand credibility based on authorship and publisher markups.
  • By sharing your posts, users help widen your visibility.
  • Easy integration with other popular Google platforms and services like Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Local, YouTube, etc.
  • Helps understand your audiences’ preferences so that you can plan more focused marketing strategies.
Google Plus Marketing Plan
Service Name GM-1 GM-2 GM-3
Engaging Google+ Content
(Content with potential of going viral +
Engaging Hashtags)
20 to 25 40 to 45 50 to 60
Brand Page Creation
Content Scheduling
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
Community Building
Social Media Cross Promotion
Monthly Analytics & Insights
Customised Cover 2 3
Duration 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month
Price $145 $295 $395