Infographic Creation & Promotion

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Infographic Creation & Promotion Service

Infographic creation is an effective way to build high-quality backlinks for your website. At Neyox, we offer top-notch infographic creation and promotion services to uplift your brand visibility and attract better backlinks in a search engine friendly way.

What is An Infographic?

Infographics are nothing but attractive graphicsthat presentcomplex information in the form of pictures and illustrations, instead of boring text. Such information is easier to grasp and retain and thus increases user engagement.

Why Are Infographics Such An Important Part Of The Modern Marketing Mix?

Consumers are constantly bombarded with promotional messages fromdifferent brands. Reading lengthy articles with textual content and statistical data can be quite exhausting. People tend to resist such blunt and uncreative marketing efforts.Infographics came as a breath of fresh air with their innovative approach of providing drab information in the form of attractive graphics.

Incorporating infographics creation into your marketing mix is a great way to boost your promotional efforts as they are well-accepted by the online community and are easy to share on the social platforms.

How Do You Go About Your Infographics Creation Service?

At Neyox, our talented infographics designers will create impressive infographics for your online marketing purpose. The process of infographics creation goes like this:

  • Based on the information that you want to be presented in the infographic, our creative visualizers will come up with ideas for the most effective visual representation of that information.
  • Based on that, brilliantly artistic and clean infographics will be created that will instantly click with your online audience and stay in their memories for a long time.
  • We will also provide assistance in promoting your infographics on the leading online social networks.

How Will Our Infographics Creation And Promotion Service Help Your Brand?

Creating infographics is an excellent way to provide information in aninteresting and engaging way. Our infographics creation and promotion service will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It is an extremely search engines friendly way of acquiring high-quality backlinks.
  • Will boost your search engines rankings.
  • Clean, attractive and creative designs.
  • Excellent visual presentation of your brand’s central message.
  • Stand out from the crowd of branding messages and content.
  • Improved visibility on social media platforms.
  • Improved social media signals to elevate your search engines rankings.
  • Better conversion rates to attract more sales and profits.
  • Helps you stay ahead of the intense online competition.
Infographic Creation & Promotion Plan
Features Plan – 1 Plan – 2 Plan – 3
Customized Concept Provided by Client Provided by Client Done by Our Designing Team
Editorial Content Provided by Client Provided by Client Done by Our Designing Team
Use of Cliparts No No No
Concept Revision 1 2 3
Design Revision 1 2 3
Source Files Delivered to Client Delivered to Client Delivered to Client
Exclusive Copyrights Owned by Client Owned by Client Owned by Client
Branding on Infographics Yes Yes Yes
No. of Infographics 1 1 1
Infographics Promotion Service
Infographics Directory submission 10 20 30
Facebook Release of Infographics
Twitter Promotion 5 10 15
Google+ Promotion 5 10
Pinterest Promotion
Press release creation & Submission 1 3
Pinterest Promotion
Tumblr & Slideshare Submission
Duration 15 Days 25 Days 40 Days
Price $145 $295 $395