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We specialize in offering Google friendly social bookmarking service.

Social Bookmarking

Search Engines Friendly Social Bookmarking

Promoting your brand online requires a steady and methodical effort. You have to make your website visible to as many potential customers as possible. You have to take steps to increase your brand popularity and get more traffic to your website. It is also important that you use ethical and search engines friendly techniques to be in Google’s good books in order to boost your search engines rankings. Search engines friendly social bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to achieve these results.

At Neyox, we offer a comprehensive and Google compliant social bookmarking service. We manually submit your website to high-traffic social bookmarking sites. This helps boost your site’s visibility, drive more traffic to it and reach to the top of search engines rankings.

We use well-planned and ethically sound social bookmarking strategies. This helps you maintain a good reputation and protects you from being labeled as spammers. Our team of social bookmarking experts has created a comprehensive database of social bookmarking platforms that enjoy a high degree of popularity and traffic. This helps grow your brand’s popularity and credibility in the shortest span of time.

Main Features of our Social Bookmarking Service

  • Submission to high domain authority social bookmarking platforms.
  • Google’s Panda and Penguin compliant procedures.
  • A comprehensive database of high-traffic social bookmarking platforms.
  • Option to select 3 titles and tags for social bookmarking.
  • Detailed report on completion of service.

Key Benefits of our Social Bookmarking Service

  • Increased visibility for your website.
  • Increased traffic to your website.
  • Improved search engines rankings.
  • Equally effective for deep link building.
  • One way links – no link exchange with third party websites required.
  • Natural links from social bookmarking sites with high traffic.
  • Search engine friendly procedures.
  • Extremely cost-effective plans.
  • Prompt and efficient customer service.
Social Bookmarking Packages
Features 25 SBM 50 SBM
Domain Authority 20 to 99 20 to 99
Title and Description Allowed 3 5
Keywords Allowed 3 5
No. Of Backlinks 25 50
No. of Submission Per Report 25 50
Active Social Profilest (Submission would be done in well maintained active social profiles) yes yes
Niche Social Profiles (Posting will be done in Industry related Influencer’s user account) yes yes
Duration 10 Days 20 Days
Price $49 $89


Why should you get social bookmarking done after Google’s updates?

After the Panda and Penguin updates of Google, the rules of social bookmarking and SEO are more stringent. Any websites that used unethical, manipulative SEO and social bookmarking strategies have been penalized and even banned by Google. Many have lost their reputation and credibility and in turn, their search engines rankings have dropped dramatically. Hence, it is important that you revise your social bookmarking after Google’s updates and the best way to do this is to use our comprehensive and search engines compatible social bookmarking service.