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Twitter Marketing Service

What Is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is one of the three most popular social media platforms to promote your brand online. It can help you bring highly targeted traffic to your website by circulating engaging content,using short messages called Tweets, among users. Twitter marketing involves building a network of ‘followers’ in your niche industry. Twitter can be most effectively used in conjunction with other popular social sites.

At Neyox Outsourcing, we offer comprehensive Twitter marketing service to business of all types and sizes to improve their brand visibility on this powerful social platform. All our marketing strategies are perfectly compatible with Google’s latest updates.

Why Is Twitter Marketing An Integral Part Of The Social Media Marketing Mix?

Following are a few statistics that tell us why Twitter marketing is so vital.

  • Every second, more than 6000 Tweets (messages) are posted on Twitter.
  • Millions of users are on Twitter all day long.
  • Smart Twitter marketing can bring more leads than any other social marketing platform.
  • Among the top 3 most popular social media marketing platforms.
  • Most brands and your competitors probably use Twitter.
  • It’s a Google friendly way of online marketing.
  • Supports 35 languages, offering extensive scope for your brand’s online promotion.

Main Features Of Our Twitter Social Media Marketing Service

We offer reliable solutions to promote your brand using effective Twitter marketing strategies. Some of the main features of our service include:

  • Setting your Twitter account and creating an impressive profile for your brand.
  • Building an extensive network of followers.
  • Following other Twitter users that share similar interests.
  • Creating potent content or Tweets with hashtags.
  • Boosting content promotion by posting timely Tweets.
  • Retweeting interesting and significant posts.
  • Creating engaging blog posts and promotingyour social profile on social bookmarking sites.
  • Closely evaluate the results of the Twitter marketing strategies and improving them for better outcomes.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Twitter Marketing?

Following are some of the most important short-term and long-term benefits you will enjoy when you sign-up for our Twitter marketing services package.

  • Improved brand visibility on Twitter as well as search engines.
  • Instantly connect with thousands of targeted customers.
  • Increases your website traffic.
  • Build a strong network of interested followers.
  • Increase brand awareness and enhance brand image and reputation.
  • Bring in more leads.
  • Enhance brand loyalty among existing customers through consistent engagement.
  • One of the quickest ways to promote offers and deals.
  • Effective and economical tool to provide quick customer support.
  • Excellent tool for conducting online surveys.

Twitter Marketing Plan

Service Name TW-1 TW-2 TW-3
Engaging Twitter Content
(Content with potential of going viral +
Engaging Hashtags)
20 to 25 40 to 45 50 to 60
Brand Page Creation
Content Scheduling
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
Community Building
Social Media Cross Promotion
Monthly Analytics & Insights
Customised Cover 2 3
Campaign / Contest
Duration 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month
Price $145 $295 $395